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Welcome to SSLCOMMERZ development page. You can easily find API and Documentation to connect with SSLCOMMERZ.

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Notification! We accept only TLS 1.2 or upper version


Briefly, there are only three steps to establish connectivity between Merchant Site and SSLCOMMERZ:

Step 1: Create a transaction Session with SSLCOMMERZ Session API
  • Request by HTTP POST Method
  • POST parameters mentioned in Ready the parameters in developer page.
  • It will return a JSON response
  • Customer's Redirection URL mentioned in JSON parameter: GatewayPageURL
Step 2: Create a IPN (Instant Payment Notification) Listener to receive the successful payment notification
  • HTTP POST Method
  • POST Parameters mentioned in Validate Payment with IPN in developer page
  • Configure the IPN listener in SSLCOMMERZ Merchant Panel (Menu > My Store > IPN Settings )
  • After receiving the IPN message, please call the Order Validation API to check whether the IPN message is valid
  • Transaction status will be VALID / FAILED / CANCELLED
  • if risk_level = 1 and transaction status = VALID, then please hold the transaction and verify the customer
  • Once the Validation API is called, then the status will be returned as VALIDATED
Step 3: SSLCOMMERZ will redirect the customer to your callback url ( Success/failed/cancel URL mention at the time of creating the transaction Session in step 1 )

Quick Start Facility

For Quick start view our PHP and .NET integration process


Integration Process guideline for CMS, RAW and Web platforms

Mobile SDK

Integration Process guideline for Android, iOS platforms

IPN Facility

Instant Payment Notification notifies you right at the moment while your customer pays you